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Zôon Politikon – The Philosophers' Garden



Nature and society in new perspectives around the history of philosophy and art in a private garden property in Southern Germany.


In planning for 2020


Zôon Politikon - The Philosophers' Garden aims to be a place of reflection and encounter – between man and nature, as well as between man and others, and himself.


This private garden, cultivated according to the permaculture principle, is idyllically situated on an agricultural meadow in Southern Germany, secluded between vineyards and woodlands. Between apple and walnut trees, the artist duo VestAndPage has designed a path that invites to explore the history of philosophy and art through various naturally given situations.


Texts along natural stations invite you to get acquainted with the thoughts of important philosophers and artists of different times and cultures, in order to reflect on them through nature. People have always pondered the meaning of life – and where better to contemplate about this than in nature, which demonstrates the principle of the cycle of life?

In the Philosophers' Garden, a dead tree represents Simone de Beauvoir's existentialism; the apple tree lets us understand the insights on gravity of Sir Isaac Newton; the vegetable field turns into a metaphor for Marxism; a waterhole provides for a reflection of the Chinese philosopher Laozi's world view; or a hollow 100-year-old tree trunk gives us access to Plato's cave allegory. The Philosophers' Garden holds this and much more ready to be discovered.

The Philosophers' Garden provides for an openly accessible place of contemplation, as well as a meeting point for the local heterogenous community. It aims to be a place of encounter and respect – of man towards nature and their equals. A place where we can find peace, give thought on the meaning of life, listen to nature, and strengthen ourselves in it. With the Philosophers' Garden we defend the respect for life and diversity – in all people and in all forms of nature.



Planned opening in Summer 2020

We live in a dangerous age. Man 

controls nature before he has learned

to control himself.


Albert Schweitzer

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VestAndPage_Zoon Politikon Der Philosoph
VestAndPage_Zoon Politikon Der Philosoph