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EntrAxis non-profit cultural association was founded in October 2019 and promotes the production and research of performance art, art film, conceptual art and literature. The focus of the association is interdisciplinarity between different art forms, cultures and sciences as well as internationality and interculturality. We promote projects, research and activities that deal artistically, theoretically and pedagogically with these phenomena.

We create axes through logistical and, if possible, financial support in the implementation of art projects and artistic research.

We connect axes through our international network of artists, researchers, organisers and curators.

We create spaces by initiating, organising and visiting events and workshops of performance art, art film and conceptual art.

We connect spaces by initiating and carrying out our own artistic projects and research.


A word creation from entro - "between" and axis.

A space between two spaces that at the same time connects.

A changeable space, which is created again and again by a network of intersecting axes.

EntrAxis is about investigating what places can absorb from us, and how these places in turn influence our artistic work.

EntrAxis is poetic action. independence and interdisciplinary encounter.

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