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Art education

EntrAxis considers itself a production space and cultural and artistic education place. Our concern is to make contemporary performing arts accessible to a broad public, and our experience is that these immediate art forms open spaces and thus create encounter and understanding.

Contemporary performing arts are closely linked to social and cultural conditions and ways of living. We strive to convey this relationship to people of all backgrounds and ages and make it directly tangible through workshops. Our artists have many years of experience and sound knowledge in art and theatre pedagogy, art theory and philosophy. Thus our focus is both on theoretical connections and practical experiences, which all promote the artistic and critical potential of the participants.


Our workshops will be announced on the website under Events and local newspapers.

Art education and school
We are particularly pleased when teachers or trainers take the opportunity to include our projects, festivals or exhibitions in their teaching. In addition to discussing the contents, we also want to consider integrating the project into the lessons. Please write us an email or give us a call.

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