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We offer three Artist Bursaries and Mentoring in digital Artist-in-Residence to three artists/groups working in performance-for-film on the topic of climate emergency.

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As part of the project DigiLabAiR, EntrAxis e.V. offers three artist bursaries to develop a performance-for-camera on climate emergency, the biosphere and ecosystems in digital artist-in-residence. We are looking for original work to be co-created that involves critical and poetic explorations through body-based performance art of concepts that centre the anthropogenic impact on the environment and non-human bodies such as i.e. deep and queer ecology, hyperobjects, transcorporeality, or solastalgia.


The performance-for-film works will be developed and mentored through a three-session digital Artist-in-Residence with artist duo and project curators VestAndPage as part of the Creative Europe-funded project DigiLabAiR. These online residencies are a space where the participating artists and mentors work co-creatively. They offer the artists a place for formation, hospitality, confrontation and contamination between artists from different realities and experiences to meet and exchange practices and ideas.


The resulting films will be showcased in a public exhibition in Italy in December 2023, and become part of the online platform PAV Performance Art Vid to be launched on that occasion with the aim to generate further revenue for the artists through an ongoing video-on-demand availability. The artist-in-residence bursaries are of 800.–€ each.

We explicitly encourage applications and collaborations from people from otherwise marginalized communities. If it should not be possible for you to submit your proposal in the way outlined below, or if you need any assistance, please get in touch and we look forward to finding ways to make it work for you. We also underline that no expensive technical equipment is needed to make valuable art: it is your idea, urgency and poetics that counts, and with a basic camera and editing equipment we can create powerful work!

  • This offer is for European artists born or working in Germany.

  • Applications must be received by March 15, 2023. Virtual interviews will be held in the following week.

  • The bursary-supported activity takes place as part of the DigiLabAiR digital artist-in-residence with three online dates between April and October 2023.

  • Applications need to be submitted through the online form. Please prepare a short bio, a two-paragraph expression of interest, relevant links to work examples in both performance and film/video, and a first draft of the proposed work to be developed for this occasion (as PDF, short video or audio file, max. 100 MB).

  • Only new works to be developed as performance-for-camera on the above-mentioned topic will be considered.

  • We hold no formal requirements on the length and technique of the performance-for-film work, but bear in mind that it needs to be produced, realized and edited in the months April to October.

  • The selected artists should become acquainted with the Green Production Guide or Green Film Criteria, aiming to reduce their artistic production’s impact on the environment.

DigiLabAiR is co-funded by the Creative Europe Program

EN Co-funded by the EU_BLACK.jpg

Digital Lab Artist-in Residences (DigiLabAiR) is a Creative Europe-funded project that promotes inclusion, participation, and reflection through performance art and live art co-creation processes for new forms of creativity, artistic production, and audience engagement, realising an innovative model in hybrid (digital and live). The project focuses on innovation, digitalisation and audience development through the organisation of five Digital Artist-in Residences led by project partners on social issues framed in the SDG Agenda. Participating artists will co-create digital performance artworks in a defined time to showcase them in a final live event. A digital artist-in-residence is a place of thought, research, and experimentation for ideas to grow and develop in periods and ways the artists feel the need. A key feature of the project is the implementation of a digital platform operating with the video on-demand strategy: video performance artworks produced during each digital artist-in-residence will be disseminated online, promoting artists’ visibility and providing them financial sustenance. DigiLabAiR aims to build an innovative sustainable model using digital technology to support performance art and live art to respond creatively to the present crises. The partnership involves six European cultural associations with strong territorial knowledge and anchoring in participatory co-creation processes to foster the development of a continuously growing audience.

A project by EntrAxis e.V. (Germany), Studio Contemporaneo (Venice), PAV Performance Art Vid (Milan), European Cultural Centre (Amsterdam), G.A.P. Gathering Around Performance (Athens) and G12 HUB (Belgrade).


Images © VestAndPage, sin∞fin – Performances at the Core of the Looking-Glass (2012)

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